Maize Flour Milling Machines

Maize Flour Milling Machines

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New Basepoint is one of the leading maize flour milling machines providers catering different clients and industries worldwide with our unique milling solutions. These milling machines are used to process maize for human consumption. There are many companies and industries that use corn flour milling plants, specifically in the food processing industry. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Our maize flour milling machines operate with the standard procedure: It first cleans the grain and then conditions the maize with water to remove the unwanted materials such as dust, husk, straw, poisonous seeds, metal, stones, etc. When the mill processes corn, it will be in different forms like flour or grits.

Our maize flour milling machines are durable and effective in cleaning, de-germinating, and conditioning maize and produce high-quality flour for human consumption. After conditioning, the maize granules that are unqualified is drawn and the residue gets recycled for further milling or grinding. We also have the equipment to de-germinate the maize before it is sent to the milling process.

Our maize flour milling plants are composed of a maize huller, germ extractor, maize polisher, and a fine maize grits machines. Our corn milling machines are recognized worldwide due to the high-durability and sturdiness of each equipment. Moreover, we regularly inspect our maize flour milling machines before offering them to the customers to meet international quality and safety standards.

Our Maize Milling Plants offers a range of features:

  • It has the compact structure that offers sturdiness and durability throughout maize milling.
  • Our maize flour milling machine is nicely constructed and offer proper protection.
  • Our corn milling plants are easy to operate and maintain.
  • The structure of the milling plant is simple, and it is easy to replace the screen because of the round sieve that is being adopted.
  • Our maize flour mills consume less energy, has low noise, and reliable functions.

Our maize flour milling machines are used in a range of applications including snacks, puffed food, flakes, maize flour, corn beer, etc.

Our maize milling machines are ideal for milling maize, potato, bran, sweet potato etc., and offer the great advantage to clients including high-quality and easy to use. We not only provide corn milling machines in large capacity but also the right milling experience to clients worldwide. [/read]

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